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Monday, September 13, 2004


Well, won't be as fun as that movie but hopefully it'll be all it's cracked up to be. First up is Gay Paris, then to Berlin, the East side (eastsidaz in tha hizzouse!), where my potna-n-crime runs a dope-ass club 8mm. Peep the site, it's ill. Anywho, taking off on November 5, thru the 15th. The trip will be blogged, in the proud tradition established by the singular MENTZER.

Speaking of which...Big shouts out to MENTZER, runnin thangs over at his dope blog, don't front! Going to meet up with THE MAN, aka GP2, and hopefully get some AoM in at a hotspot. Speaking of which, Paris has a million wi-fi spots. Their plan is to post antennae outside Metro stations and get blanket coverage. Y'all know what that means...rockin the EGYPTIAN/GREEK/NORSE steez ANYTIME AND ANYWHERE. hot ta def!

All for now, keep up the comments! OMAR, i have NO IDEA what you're talking about, but your comment was HILARIOUS! keep them coming!


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